The Gungo Brands

The Gungo Brands

Gungo is more than a Directory; its a Healthy Living standard featuring three related brands.

1. The core of the enterprise is our website, the online Jamaican Directory, featuring 39 categories of healthy and natural living listings.

 Gungo logo - search your way to health

2. The Gungo Diaries, our online magazine chronicling healthy lifestyle success stories, places, movements and breakthroughs. Flip the online pages of our magazine by clicking the image.


Click to browse Gungo Diaries wellness e-zine


3. The Grow Your Own Food Jamaica movement featuring resources to sustain your own backyard garden and photo features of your gardening efforts.


 Grow Your Own Food Jamaica

The Gungo brand, named after the highly valued gungo pea stands for fresh, natural, all Jamaican goodness that is highly valued yet accessible.


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