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healthy recipes from Gungo Jamaican Directory

Baked bean surprise: Healthy Recipe

You would be surprised at what you could do with a tin of baked beans. How about re-purposing it as a thick, delicious pasta sauce? You are bound to enjoy this one from our wellness guides archives.

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Herbs star in Natural Cleaning Product Line from Jamaica

Herbs star in this line of eco friendly cleaning products made in Jamaica. Our story from Gungos earlier archives in 2012 mysteriously went missing then was miraculously resurrected. Enjoy.

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Designer stitches up a living in home business

Sometimes the goal of health and wellness means quitting the rat race of high pressure jobs and working from home at your own pace and for less pay. From the Gungo archives of 2006, this story on Stephanie James inspires.

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A non conventional Reflexology experience in Jamaica

Stripped of its New Age image, Reflexology emerges perhaps as it was always intended – A wonderful healing art that glorifies the creative wisdom and splendor of God.

Di, after weight loss

Weight loss through an alkaline diet

Gaining control over her tongue, Diane Cunningham lost 50 lbs by learning to savor alkaline foods

Organic eats

Organic farming in Jamaica seeks to power past challenges

The state of the organic farming sector in Jamaica